Our  Driving  Force

Introducing Clara Northcott.

Entrepreneurial, dynamic and highly motivated, Clara Northcott is the driving force behind one of the most exciting, successful and respected public relations companies in Canada.

Clara’s corporate mandate is not unlike the driving force that has successfully propelled her through several major marathons. As Northcott says, “No matter how badly one wants to accomplish a task, it must be done with a true sense of passion and commitment. Without true dedication, nothing important will ever be achieved.”

Clara displays such a genuine interest in creating solutions that people can’t help but be drawn to her. There is a definite synergy and connectedness between Clara and each client she works with, and the results are positive, enriching and very rewarding.

Her commitment to education and the community is truly reflective of Clara’s positive attitude and determination, and applying this signature tenacity to each client as well as her personal goals continues to be her formula for optimal success.

Clara’s professional bio and CV is available on the left menu.

“Clara Northcott’s constant innovation, complete dedication, and personal charm have made her a stand-out in her field. I always look forward to working with Clara, confident that any project she’s associated with is ultimately creative, and professionally perfect.”