The Gaze: 21 Entrancing Photographic Art Tableaux by Arline Malakian

I was delighted when Arline Malakian approached Northcott Communications to handle PR and Sponsorship for her solo exhibit The Gaze, which was held at Gallery 133 on Oct. 19, 2007. This was an exciting collaborative project given that we had worked together during the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards—Arline had photographed all the Canadian winning “art to wear” designs for the 12 year duration of the international awards. The opportunity of working in art-related projects is of great interest to me and going forward I’ll be looking for more opportunities in the field.

The Gaze was a spectacular showcase of 21 photographic art tableaux (30”x40”) the premiere in a series of solo photography exhibitions the artist unveiled in Toronto. A culmination of a 20-year career, the tableaux were created and photographed with tremendous passion in 2006 and with the intent, the artist says, “to create a connection between the image and the viewer that transcends aesthetics and provokes ideas, feelings, and reveries of what a photograph means – the crystallization of a moment in time, the ephemeral made concrete.”

Arline Malakian and Northcott Communications have started collaborating on her next solo exhibit, “Impressions”–all images formed and registered subliminally rendered or infused that present themselves in different forms through our thoughts, actions and tint our intent. The exhibit will be held in early November 2012 at a gallery yet tbt. More details will be announced on this blog and on

The Gaze: Serena by Arline Malakian Giclee print on Anova Texture Archival Paper 40, large print 48’’x 35’’--printed area 40 ‘’x 27’’

The Gaze: Sandrine by Arline Malakian Giclee print on Anova Texture Archival Paper 40, large print 48’’x 35’’--printed area 40 ‘’x 27’’

“Thank you for the PR work that Northcott Communications Inc performed on behalf of Diageo Canada to promote Veuve Clicquot Champagne’s image and brand awareness. Our ‘La Grande Dame’ Women of Distinction program was handled in line with our expectations to reinforce our ‘word to mouth’ communication. Media relations particularly among Ontario journalists generated significant press coverage. The team from Northcott added a significant amount of energy and enthusiasm to our efforts.”