Looking back on the eve of greater things to come

Looking back on the eve of greater things to come including more projects and clients in sports such as the Canadian Water Ski Championships (see blog entry), arts and entertainment, aside from fashion and lifestyle. With the re-launch of, I wanted to look back to key events in [...]


A platform on which to share anything that might be of interest to visitors of, this blog will be as diverse as Northcott Communications clients and my interests as a communicator. It will cover all of the areas we have provided PR, special events and sponsorship, and [...]

Four-Time Water Ski World Champion, Whitney McClintock

Flipping out: Cambridge, Ontario’s, four-time Water Ski World Champion, Whitney McClintock, performs a wake flip opn her way to capturing the Canadian trick title at the 2011 Canadian Water Ski Championships that concluded on August 15th in King Township, Ontario. The performance contributed to a pending world overall [...]

Commitment to fitness

I believe my success in business is a direct result of my commitment to fitness. I’ve been a passionate runner for as long as I’ve had Northcott Communications and have participated in countless national and international competitions but competing in the 800 m on outdoor track, running the x-country [...]

“Clara Northcott’s constant innovation, complete dedication, and personal charm have made her a stand-out in her field. I always look forward to working with Clara, confident that any project she’s associated with is ultimately creative, and professionally perfect.”