Cheri  Milaney

In collaboration with Cornerstone Marketing, Northcott Communications has been a key player in the re-branding of Cheri Milaney, responsible for creating and developing successful media campaigns for Cheri Milaney’s fall 2009 collection, which began with Cheri Milaney Viola, Fall 2009, and was also Cheri Milaney’s debut at LG Fashion Week Beauty By L’Oreal in March 2009; Cheri Milaney Facets Fragrance Collection launching Fall 2009 and Cheri Milaney Piacere, Spring 2010, at LG Fashion Week Beauty By L’Oreal in October 2009.

“Clara Northcott’s constant innovation, complete dedication, and personal charm have made her a stand-out in her field. I always look forward to working with Clara, confident that any project she’s associated with is ultimately creative, and professionally perfect.”