“Chaos” by Lucian Matis

“I first introduced my knitted grouping for the Fall/Winter 2011 collection.
It was an intense and challenging experience based on a number of factors.
One knitted garment must possess a tailored construction where detailed crocheting mixed with machine and hand-knitted handiwork must be finished with a lot of hand sewing so the process is all-encompassing.

The look of chunky yarns gives a fresh modern feel.
The silhouettes are very organic with a multitude of knit designs such as cable, knitted pom-poms, rib knits etc.

Many of the knits have emphasis on the waist with over-sized hips and shoulders.
The look is cozy and funky, unique and playful.” Lucian Matis

“Since 1999, Diageo has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with Northcott Communications Inc. NCI has managed many public relations projects for our wide portfolio of premium beverage alcohol brands. Clara’s success in business is directly linked to her established relationships with many media outlets across Canada and her personal characteristics of dedication, professionalism and thoroughness.”