Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn visited Toronto in early April 2011, to participate in Humber College’s Annual Show. He showcased a spectacular Retrospective of his collections from past year’s as well as of Spring and Fall 2011. Artist Photographer, Arline Malakian photographed some of Todd Lynn’s designs for an article that appeared in Plaid Magazine on June 13, 2011–

I would like to thank Todd for saying YES, when I approached him in late February 2011 to do the show on April 12. Delphine Nicholls and I taught the course, which was a memorable experience for us and the student producers of the show, held at the recently renovated Palais Royale, which has a spectacular view of Lake Ontario. Below is a lasting memory of Todd’s visit at the time of his departure from Toronto Pearson InternationalAirport, the next day.

“Clara Northcott’s constant innovation, complete dedication, and personal charm have made her a stand-out in her field. I always look forward to working with Clara, confident that any project she’s associated with is ultimately creative, and professionally perfect.”