A platform on which to share anything that might be of interest to visitors of, this blog will be as diverse as Northcott Communications clients and my interests as a communicator. It will cover all of the areas we have provided PR, special events and sponsorship, and more—fashion, beauty, business, sports, health and fitness. With no particular posting structure, the blog publishes, on a regular basis. On occasion, it will celebrate empowering and inspiring life legacies. To mark the re-launch of, the first entries will look back to significant moments in the history of Northcott and ahead to what will be our focus—working on diverse projects that will still include fashion as well as more art and sports events and projects. Your comments, images with captions, and stories are welcome for consideration of publication in this blog. Simply write to the Editor/Publisher:

“Thank you for the PR work that Northcott Communications Inc performed on behalf of Diageo Canada to promote Veuve Clicquot Champagne’s image and brand awareness. Our ‘La Grande Dame’ Women of Distinction program was handled in line with our expectations to reinforce our ‘word to mouth’ communication. Media relations particularly among Ontario journalists generated significant press coverage. The team from Northcott added a significant amount of energy and enthusiasm to our efforts.”