Commitment to fitness

I believe my success in business is a direct result of my commitment to fitness. I’ve been a passionate runner for as long as I’ve had Northcott Communications and have participated in countless national and international competitions but competing in the 800 m on outdoor track, running the x-country series every year in the fall and traveling to Boston and competing in the Boston Marathon in 7 marathons have been the most thrilling experiences as a dedicated athlete. That was until this summer.

In February of this year, I gave myself a goal to swim 3-4 times weekly so that I could join L.O.S.T. Swimming, Lake Ontario Swim Team, in Oakville, in late spring. The goal was to participate in their annual Ironman swim distance race of 3.8km, usually held in mid. August. I began training in my condo miniature indoor pool –12.5 m length. By July, I had graduated to a public outdoor pool twice as long as my condo’s and on August 13th I successfully completed the objective of my training, which was not only to swim L.O.S.T’s 3.8km in Lake Ontario but to do it under the gun of 1:45 hrs. I did it in 1:33:52. Achieving any goal feels wonderful as you can tell by my happy face, below. With running and swimming under control, my summer 2012 goal will be to venture into cycling and a few triathlons as preparation for my first Ironman, which I hope to conquer in 2013.

L.O.S.T. (Lake Ontario Swim Team). Swimming Race Finish, Oakville Pier, August 13m, 2011 - Photo Credit: Helen Smith

“Clara Northcott’s constant innovation, complete dedication, and personal charm have made her a stand-out in her field. I always look forward to working with Clara, confident that any project she’s associated with is ultimately creative, and professionally perfect.”